Lemon Meringues

While I’m not a fan of lemon meringue pie, I am a fan of lemon. And meringue. So I simply bypassed the crust and the curd filling, and made these charming little “lemon meringues”!

Meringues could not be any easier to make. They are little more than egg whites and sugar, and a bit of patience to get those whites whipped up properly.

A bit of fresh lemon juice adds a refreshing twist to offset all that sugar, and the stripes will add a pop of color to your table!

You can serve the meringues plain, sandwich them with some freshly whipped cream or crumble them over a bowl of vanilla ice cream

Follow the step-by-step instructions below and I guarantee that you’ll discover that they’re “easy as pie” to make!

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Lemon Meringues @ mom.me


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