Easy Tiramisu

Tiramisu has few ingredients, and as in any recipe with a small number of ingredients, the character of each ingredient will probably be apparent in the result. That said, I’m intrigued that although coffee is the dominant flavor, most tiramisu recipes give this ingredient short shrift and just say “strong coffee” or perhaps “espresso”. Choose your coffee blend and roast wisely since this is what you will taste in the final product — bad coffee will ruin your treat.

I’m making this for Thanksgiving and I’m looking forward to it very much! I managed to stumble across a marscarpone cheese made specifically for tiramisu that has coffee in it so that should give it a boost. Simple but wonderful recipe.

I tasted the cream and think I might use Kailua next time instead of vodka. I have always love the tiramisu from the Cheesecake Factory and it is much richer but I have a good feeling this is better for us! I can’t wait to try it.

This is good. I used an 8×8 and it also works but I had 9 oz of ladyfingers. I would also add another teaspoon vanilla next time and double the rum.

I use Bailey Irish Cream and mix with espresso coffee and was really good.  It is sweetened nicely, and is the perfect strength. My family and friends love it. Now more request for my tiramisu.

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Easy Tiramisu @ kitchennostalgia.com


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