Oreo Cookie Milkshake

Yeah, the good stuff in the middle! Then it’s topped with MORE homemade cream filling, some more Oreo cookie bits, whipped cream, and more Oreo cookies! It’s pretty much all of your daily calories in one milkshake. Again, I’m sorry. 

How do you eat an Oreo cookie? Are you a dunk-it-in-milk eater? Break it in half and lick off the cream filling? Break it in half, eat the side without the cream filling before eating the good side? Or do you just bite it? Or perhaps one bite? 

Ready to make your own milkshakes? This the recipe for the milkshake which also includes the recipe for making homemade Oreo cream filling:

Get the full recipe and instructions here >> Oreo Cookie Milkshake @ saltycanary.com


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